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Microblading Tampa

Enhancement and/or restoration of the brow arch with microblading is minimally invasive, safe and effective.  At Holcomb – Kreithen Plastic Surgery and Med Spa microblading is performed by an experienced, skilled and talented physician assistant.  The treatment involves numbing the skin, outlining the desire brow arch shape, use of a special multi-bladed instrument that abraded the skin in specific channeled patterns followed by colorization of the microchannels with an appropriately colored Henna based dye.  The process takes under 2 hours.  A touch up treatment to enhance and maintain color is typically needed after 4 months.  Put down the make-up pencils and schedule your microblading consult today!

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J. David Holcomb, MD and Joshua C. Kreithen, MD and their staff welcome out-of-town patients, and will strive to accommodate your needs during your visit.

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